Parian’s focus is on affordable real estate opportunities
Parian’s focus is on affordable real estate opportunities 
Parian’s focus is on affordable real estate opportunities
Investment Strategy

Parian Capital is seeking to provide investors with attractive real estate investment returns in

  • residential land development
  • residential single-family and multi-family development projects
  • commercial income producing real estate

We do this by providing capital to local developers who have a proven track record and by acquiring and managing, income producing properties.

The opportunity to provide capital at attractive returns to this segment of the real estate industry is a direct result of the dramatic reductions in property values experienced during the early 1990’s and the sharply curtailed availability of real estate credit. Many traditional sources of funding, including savings and loan institutions and commercial banks, reduced or eliminated their real estate lending activities in response to the overbuilding and the related loan loss experiences of these institutions during the 1980’s real estate boom.

Notwithstanding the cyclical real estate downturn, which is now beyond its nadir, there still remain numerous excellent real estate development opportunities for which developers cannot obtain adequate institutional financing. In particular, the demand for affordable residential developments in a number of markets remains strong. In these markets, developers have increasingly turned to private sources of real estate capital. It is the business of Parian Capital to provide a portion of such additional capital frequently referred to as ‘mezzanine financing’ or ‘participating mortgage' debt.

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